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BAGbnb is the new luggage storage network in Bologna. There are some available deposits across the city, you can book online for only 5€ per baggage per day. Find a luggage storage facility opened in Bologna near the train station, also open until late and during the weekends, leave your luggage here if you are you looking for a safe luggage storage and you are 

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Join our luggage storage local community, BAGbnb is the luggage storage 2.0 do not be surprised if you find yourself entering a shop or a café with free WIFI. This page is simply not enough to describe all the different local experiences that you can discover with BAGbnb in Bologna!

Genoa neighborhoods we cover

  • Luggage storage University
  • Luggage storage Tw Towers
  • Luggage storage Pratello
  • Luggage storage Central Train Station
  • Luggage storage San Vitale