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BAGbnb is the new luggage storage network in Genoa. There are some available deposits across the city, you can book online for only 5€ per baggage per day. Find a luggage storage facility opened in Genoa near the Principe Station, Genoa Brignole or Marittima also open until midnight and during the weekends, leave your luggage here if you are you looking for a safe luggage storage and you are in town 'for a cruise or just have a few more museum to visit before leaving the city.

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Join our luggage storage local community, BAGbnb is the luggage storage 2.0 do not be surprised if you find yourself entering a souvenir shop, an Hotel or a graphic studio with free WIFI and espresso. This page is simply not enough to describe all the different local experiences that you can discover with BAGbnb in Genoa!

Genoa neighborhoods we cover

  • Luggage storage Genoa Brigole
  • Luggage storage Genoa Principe
  • Luggage storage Genoa Marina
  • Luggage storage Genoa cruise port
  • Luggage storage Genoa Marassi
  • Luggage storage Genoa Cornigliano
  • Luggage storage Genoa Sestri
  • Luggage storage Genoa Sanpierdarena
  • Luggage storage Genoa Nervi
  • Luggage storage Genoa Carignano