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Angels are bars, hotels, restaurants or offices checked and monitored by the BAGBNBB team! They will be happy to welcome you to the city!

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BAGBNB: convenient luggage storage in Girona

Stop storing your bags at the traditional airport or station luggage storage offices, but use a smart service that is already very popular among tourists. This service is called BAGBNB and is spread throughout Spain and the world! With just € 5 a day you will have the opportunity to leave your belongings in safe and certified local businesses. You can find our luggage storage in hotels, restaurants, shops and bars.

How do I book a BAGBNB luggage storage?

The booking system is quick and easy. You won’t need cash and can reserve your BAGBNB in a few clicks. Just visit the website or open the app, enter your current location and click on "search". The platform will immediately show you which BAGBNB Angels are closest to you! After choosing the right place, book it safely and reach it in the blink of an eye!

La Petita Florència (Little Florence)


Girona (Castilian: Gerona) is located in Catalonia, and very close to France. In recent years, it’s a very popular tourist destination thanks to its comfortable airport where several low-cost airlines' flights land and take off every day. It’s often chosen by visitors even because of its proximity to Barcelona.
Girona is certainly a city to explore because it's rich in monuments. It was defined The Little Florence for its houses by the river similar to Florentine ones.

What to see in Girona

Although a tourist will have a myriad of monuments to visit, the Eiffel Bridge deserves attention because was designed by the same architect as the Parisian tower. Another important monument is the Cathedral of Saint Mary, a very special building that contains the widest Gothic nave in the world (it’s 22.98 meters large!). A curiosity about the church: a legend has it that a woman devoted to the art of witchcraft used to throw stones at this temple in order to show her contempt for religion. One day it was transformed by divine work into the gargoyle of the church to spit only clear water rather than curses.