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$6 per day
3 min fast check-in

1 Angels in Mexico City

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$6 per day
3 min fast check-in

Luggage Storage City Center

Luggage Storage City Center

110 meters from Allende Station
350 meters from Casa de los Azulejos
450 meters from Palacio de Bellas Artes (Diego Rivera's Murales)

Opening times
Mon - Sat
08:00 - 19:00
Neighborhood City Center

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Open 24/7

Opening times

Safe and secure

All deposits are secure and guaranteed and all luggage deposited through the platform are covered by the Bagbnb guarantee.

No other luggage storage spots available in this area

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Bagbnb is a local experience

Angels are bars, hotels, restaurants or offices checked and monitored by the BAGBNB team! They will be happy to welcome you to the city!

Safe and secure

All deposits are secure and guaranteed and all luggage deposited through the platform are covered by the Bagbnb guarantee.

Online booking

Online booking and payment is compulsory.
BAGBNB deposit points do not accept, in any case, the luggage of customers without online reservation.

Your safe luggage storage in Mexico City

Mexico City is large and crowded, so depositing your luggage somewhere will become a pressing need. Many people wonder if Mexico City is safe, well know that all the local companies are working hard to make it a people-oriented place. BAGBNB, for example, offers you a hyper-safe luggage storage service. You'll find us in certified local businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, shops, and offices.


Get rid of your bags and enjoy your holiday or business trip until the last minute! The cost of the service is very convenient: only $6 per bag. This rate is valid for an entire day. Each piece of luggage will be also protected by a guarantee! At the BAGBNB’s Angels (the nickname that we give to our partners), you can leave all your belongings without queuing up.

Two cities in one

Did you know that Mexico City was an island city? Before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, in fact, the name of the city was Tenochtitlan and it was a rich location built by the Aztecs on a Lake Texcocol’s island. Unfortunately, the conquerors completely destroyed the island and drained the lake. Nowadays, Mexico City is a city where past and present blend together and in the last twenty years has become a popular tourist destination. From Houston, Chicago, and New York, you'll find several flights to Mexico City.

Things to do in Mexico City

Visitors love to reach the amazing archaeological site of Tenochtitlan but also to taste the Mexican cuisine (make sure you love spicy food!).
Find the best restaurants and get ready for a unique dining experience! If you love culture and art, Mexico City will be a dream location! Here you'll find museums containing masterpieces by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo and majestic palaces.