Book now your luggage storage in Dunedin on BAGBNB, the first luggage storage network.

Bagbnb is a local experience

Angels are bars, hotels, restaurants or offices checked and monitored by the BAGBNB team! They will be happy to welcome you to the city!

Online booking

Online booking and payment is compulsory.
BAGBNB deposit points do not accept, in any case, the luggage of customers without online reservation.

Luggage Storage Dunedin New Zealand

Do not lose the opportunity due to heavy luggage to visit one of the most beautiful sites in the world. BAGBNB can help you with a professional and secure network of luggage storage facilities throughout the city and the whole of New Zealand. Our service is very useful and was born to improve and simplify the lives of travelers. If you have to leave your clothes because you are tired or just do not want to have a stressful day, BAGBNB will solve your problems!

How it works

The nearest BAGBNB point can be found on our app or by visiting the website. Just activate the geolocation and see the next angel, a local company (like a hotel or a restaurant) that can store your luggage for a few hours or the whole day. Once you've found your preferred location, book it by clicking Book Now! At the end of the booking process, read the exact address of the luggage storage on your display.

Welcome to Dunedin!

Spend a great time in Dunedin without stress thanks to BAGBNB and experience rare wildlife, free attractions and breathtaking scenery. If you want to go out in the evening, the university city is the perfect place! Here you will find many bars and restaurants where you can make new friends. And if you want to do a lot of photos for your social sites, or if you want to stop time for a while, reach the huge Tunnel Beach!

See the Southern Lights

Even though the Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) are less known than the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), it's just as wonderful! Few people have the privilege of admiring this phenomenon, but if you read this page, we suspect you are one of them! Although the southern lights are unpredictable, they can occur all year round. The best months to see them are in the winter (from March to September).