Where To Store Luggage in Los Angeles

You may not always have time to drop off your luggage at your hotel when you are out and about in Southern California. Luckily, there are numerous places that allow you to store luggage in Los Angeles with ease, so you can focus more on having fun at the beach or seeing Hollywood.

Playa Del Rey

Anyone who needs to go straight from LAX to their destination can drop off their bags in Playa del Rey. It is only four miles away from the airport, and you can leave your bags here from between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. It is not always easy to get around L.A., but you can avoid having to go to your hotel first when you have this as a viable option.


Located a short distance away from Hollywood Dolby Theatre Academy, you can also drop off your bags at a laundromat in Hollywood when you want to check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You may be out for the entire day exploring the city. Carrying a backpack with you may get cumbersome after a while you enjoy your vacation.

Staples Center

L.A. Live is home to numerous nightclubs, museums, movie theaters and music venues. Many people love checking out a concert at Staples Center when they are in the city. However, you may not be able to bring bags into the building with you. This is troublesome, especially if your hotel is miles away and your show starts soon. That is why many people choose to drop off their luggage 600 meters from the Grammy Museum by the Staples Center.

BAGBNB supplies a network of carriers in major cities where you can drop off your bags for the day. It makes it much more convenient to explore the city so that you are not planning everything around where you can bring your bags. You can go online and schedule your drop-off and pick-up times at whatever destination in Los Angeles you want, and your vacation instantly becomes more manageable.

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