How to Pack Lightly for Chicago

If you’re planning a Chicago getaway, you may be wondering what you should pack. In order to save baggage costs and make your trip more convenient, it’s best to pack lightly. Here’s a guide to traveling lightly on your vacation in the Windy City, no matter what time of year you’re visiting.

Winter Packing Essentials

Chicago receives an average of 37 inches of snow every year, most of which occurs during the winter. Expect the entire city to be white with snow. Make sure you pack a nice winter coat, such as a parka or down puffer jacket. In order to fit a bulky coat in your baggage, roll it as tight as you can and secure it with rubber bands. Or you can just choose to wear the jacket on the plane–you may sweat on the flight, but it saves room!

What to Bring in the Spring

If you’re looking to pack lightly for a weekend during the spring, you’ll be good with these core items:

  • Raincoat
  • Rain boots
  • An umbrella

Look for a small, portable umbrella you can easily tuck into your bag or take as your personal item on a plane. Wear your rain boots on your flight if they won’t fit.

Packing for Chicago in the Summer

Expect the temperature in Chicago to be in the 80s during summertime. Bring a light sweater or jacket just in case it gets a little chilly at night, but otherwise, it’s simple to pack lightly for a week. Rather than bringing a lot of trendy summer outfits, bring one or two and find a cheap laundromat so you can wash more and carry less.

Chicago in the Fall

All you need to do is bring your favorite sweater for an autumn trip to Chicago. You may want to bring a collapsible umbrella too.

Luggage Storage in Chicago

If you just can’t manage to pack lightly, don’t worry about taking your bags with you everywhere you go. With BAGBNB, you can easily store your luggage in Chicago.

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