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Камера хранения на Тендерина

Камера хранения на Тендерина

На улице Тендерина
30 метров от автобусной остановки El Palais
400 метров от спорткомплекса братьев Чечини

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Find your BAGBNB luggage storage in Oviedo!

You decided to go on a trip to Oviedo but your hotel or Airbnb don't keep your luggage after the check-out. Don't stress yourself because BAGBNB has what you need! Safe luggage storage where you can store all your belongings as long as you need it. Our partners (we call them Angels) can range from restaurants, cafes, bike rental offices and even hotels.

How do I book a BAGBNB?

To make a reservation, all you need is a smartphone. We created an innovative app that allows you to find and book a luggage storage spot in less than no time. We can't show you the exact address online for safety reasons but you will see it after the purchase. BAGBNB in Spain, therefore in Oviedo, costs daily €5 per bag.

Explore every corner

Oviedo is the capital of Asturias and is known for its medieval old town and great historical heritage. However, it offers much more than that! Plaza de Afonso II is one of Oviedo's most popular squares thanks to its variety of elegant boutiques and tasty restaurants, all surrounded by historic mansions. You can find many museums, like the Asturias Archeological Museum and the Asturias Fine Arts Museum. The first one boasts video and informative artifact displays about the archeology of the region, while the second holds fascinating art exhibitions.

Discover Oviedo's Old Town

Art lovers will be captivated by the Old Town. Here you will find the Palace of Santa María del Naranco and the Church of San Miguel de Lilo.
The first one is a wonderful example of pre-Romanesque architecture, while the second is a small but pretty church, considered a place of cultural interest since 1917. The most popular attraction among tourists, however, remains the Gothic Cathedral of the Holy Savior (in Spanish: Catedral de San Salvador) which is also the arrival point of the San Salvador walk.