Reserve agora o depósito de sua bagagem em Philadelphia na BAGBNB, a primeira rede de armazenamento de bagagem.

Bagbnb é uma experiência local

Nossos Anjos são bares e bistrôs que foram verificados e aprovados pela Equipe do BAGBNB, esperando para recebê-lo em toda a cidade.

Reserva online

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Os pontos de depósito BAGBNB não aceitam, em qualquer caso, a bagagem de clientes sem a reserva online.

Hassled by Incompetent Airport Luggage Storage Service?

With new TSA regulations bogging down Philadelphia luggage storage services at the airport, there’s a clamor for a more convenient alternative. Lucky for you, there’s already a newcomer to the market to meet the rise in demand. They’re called luggage storage networks, and they’re utilizing the surplus space of local businesses to store luggage for travelers. It’s just the latest innovation of the sharing economy. 

A Better Way of Storing Your Luggage 

It’s not a secret that affordable luggage storage in the greater Philadelphia area is hard to find. Fortunately, there is now a new luggage drop-off point located in the Old City, near the downtown area. Here, customers can relinquish their bags for just six dollars a day, regardless of the size of the article. The rate is unbeatable, as it’s about half of what you would pay at the airport.


A Match Made in Heaven

Businesses who participate in the luggage storage networks are finding that by hosting a luggage storage drop-off, they can retain customers for other services, be it a car rental, travel agency, or something else entirely. Amazingly, three-fourths of customers using the business for luggage drop-off find themselves using the business for their primary service. That’s great news for businesses looking for supplemental revenue. 

A Revolution in Storage

It’s not hard to imagine the implications that luggage storage networks have for cities like Philadelphia. The industry is likely to grapple with the changes in varying ways, but one thing is for sure – gone are the days of paying extraordinary sums of money to store your belongings. The future will be a place where visitors to a new location find their drop-off point and use it as a one-stop shop for all of their travel needs. It’s a revolutionary idea and one that is likely to shake loose the grip of the airport’s quasi-monopoly on luggage storage.