Book your luggage storage in Rome, Castel Sant'Angelo on BAGBNB's network

Book your luggage storage in Rome, Castel Sant'Angelo on BAGBNB's network

€5 per day
3 min fast check-in
€5 per day
3 min fast check-in

Luggage Storage Via dei Coronari

250 meters from Ponte Sant’Antangelo
350 meters from Piazza Navona
600 meters from Via Della Concilliazione
750 meters from Pantheon
€5 per day
3 min fast check-in
Location: Castel Sant'Angelo
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Mon - Sun
07:00 - 19:00
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Arrived in Rome and looking for a place to leave your bags behind? Our luggage storage on Via Dei Coronari allows you to experience Rome to its fullest! Never be banned from going into a museum again, leave those hefty weights behind and allow yourself the wonderful pleasure of visiting Rome in full comfort

Nearby Attractions

  • Castel S.Angelo is 250 meters away it was created as the Mausoleum of Hadrian which was later used as a fortress & castle and is now a museum you can visit!
  • Piazza Navona is 350 meters away, this famous Roman Piazza has at its center the Fountain Of Four Rivers designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini for Pope Innocent X, The four River Gods represent the Papal Authority worldwide, The Nile (Africa), The Danube (Europe), The Ganges (Asia) and the Rio Del La Plata America. Don’t miss this amazing sight!
  • Via Della Concilliazione is 600 metres away & brings you straight to S.Peters Basilica
  • Pantheon is only 750 metres away! Almost two thousand years after it was built the Pantheon’s dome is the largest unreinforced concrete dome. It is a former Roman temple, now church.

Our unbeatable €5 a day fixed rate will provide you with an excellent choice to safely store your luggage for the day!

Take the opportunity & explore Rome free of weights. Remember to use our BAGBNB App our service is available around the world and might come in handy on your next travels!


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January 2020
Efficiency and reliability
Efficienza e serietà

Efficient bag storage

December 2019
Friendly service
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Excellent, cheap and convenient service.

November 2019
Super simple to use. On line booking. Friendly people and allowed me to fly home later than would have and experience one more day in Rome without the burden of my bags. Brilliant.

Great service. Very nice person

October 2019
Kind and nice Angel! Highly recommended

Very easy

October 2019
No fuss and only 175m from our apartment.

Simple and perfect

October 2019
Nice and pleasant person
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