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Bagbnb is a local experience

Our Angels are bars and bistros who have been checked and approved by the BAGBNB team, waiting to welcome you all over the city.

Online booking

Online booking and payment is compulsory.
BAGBNB deposit points do not accept, in any case, the luggage of customers without online reservation.

Get a Hand in Ponza With BAGBNB

The island and commune of Ponza, Italy, is a sight to behold, with natural wonders and a fishing community that truly exemplify Mediterranean beauty. To make the most of your visit, count on local Ponza luggage storage services to keep your belongings safe while you explore. BAGBNB is a network facilitated online and maintained by local businesses and communities, designed with the convenience of lodging services like Airbnb in mind and applying that to luggage storage.

Here’s how it works: The storage is handled by local businesses that participate in the program. These businesses are called Angels, and they can be anything from bars and stores to travel centers and hotels, all part of the community. Booking takes place online, where you can find Angels near you or your destination, then reserve a period for your luggage to be stored. It costs only 5€ a day per bag for convenience and peace of mind, and if your itinerary changes after booking, you can get in touch to adjust the pick-up time. 

Ponza luggage storage with BAGBNB is a perfect way to maximize your time exploring the island. Online booking is quick and secure, both in payment and storage. It gives you space to get some more sightseeing in before you depart and offers a place to stay for your luggage if your accommodations aren’t quite ready yet. In addition, since the network’s Angels are places of business within the community, they’re more than just lockers for your bags; they can be a tourist stop to visit on your trip, a place to grab a bite to eat or a gift to take home, a travel agency with valuable information, and so on.

Along with Ponza, BAGBNB’s Angels can be found in other major travel destinations both in Europe and throughout the rest of the world, from Madrid and Miami to Seattle and Seville. When you plan your next getaway, look to BAGBNB to find an Angel in the area to give you a hand.