Book your luggage storage in Padua, Milano 122 on BAGBNB's network

Book your luggage storage in Padua, Milano 122 on BAGBNB's network

€5 per day
3 min fast check-in
€5 per day
3 min fast check-in

Luggage Storage Via Piave

On Via Piave
150 meters from Via Vicenza Bus Stop
€5 per day
3 min fast check-in
Location: Milano 122
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Full address and contacts will be shown after your booking
Opening times:
Mon - Sun
15:30 - 19:30
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Luggage storage details

If you are considering to book a luggage storage near via Piave in Padua, don’t miss the opportunity to use BAGBNB services.
You will find us in a well-known ice-cream parlor, where the staff will take care of your suitcases by storing them in a safe, guarded and clean warehouse.
At our Angel, you can also, if you want, taste an excellent ice cream or take a cold drink. This business has increased its reputation over time because the chefs use only genuine, traditional and always fresh ingredients.
We are a few bus stops away from the city center and its numerous monuments and museums.
Padua has a thousand faces and it’s full of cultural treasures that certainly will leave you speechless.
In addition to the traditional Catholic tour that will lead you to admire the beauty of the Cathedral of St. Anthony, why don’t you take a look at the Scrovegni Chapel? This small church boasts some splendid frescoes by Giotto that you can not miss!
Although it was built by Giovanni Scrovegni, a renowned usurer, as a place of worship in his private home, today the chapel is considered a true masterpiece of European art.


The worldwide luggage storage network. Our Angels are bars and bistros who have been checked and approved by the BAGBNB team

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