Book your luggage storage in Cork, City Centre on BAGBNB's network

Book your luggage storage in Cork, City Centre on BAGBNB's network

€5 per day
3 min fast check-in
€5 per day
3 min fast check-in

Luggage Storage Red Abbey Tower

150 meters from Red Abbery Tower
300 meters from National Monument Cork
500 meters from Elizabeth Fort
€5 per day
3 min fast check-in
Location: City Centre
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Mon - Thu
14:00 - 19:00
Fri - Sun
10:00 - 19:00
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Luggage storage details

Find yourself dragging heavy suitcases around the city? Use our luggage storage right by Red Abbey Tower to lighten your day! At BAGBNB we believe in using technology to make your your life easier. Our service has been created to solve the issue of bags stopping you from exploring cities and towns on your travels. We have partnered with local shops and business all over the world to bring to you an easy and comfortable new way of travelling!

How does our service work?

Find us on our Website or App, our geolocator which will find the closest storage to you. Choose one of our partners & then all you need to do is drop off your bags. Simple.

How much does it cost?

Our unbeatable €5 a day fixed rate is what you pay. It applies to one item and is valid for the whole day!

Nearby Attractions

Red Abbey Tower
This is one of the last standing relics from Cork’s Medieval history. It is what remains of an Abbey originally built in the 14th century.
National Monument Cork
This monument represents an important part of Cork’s history. Elizabeth Fort Elizabeth Fort is a visitable Fortress, where you can take in some amazing views of the city from, in addition within these walls you can relive the life of the soldiers who for centuries protected the walls!

Don’t forget Our service is available around the world and might come in handy on your next travels!


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