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Find a luggage storage close to you Find your Angel

The BAGBNB network is created by various local businesses of all kinds. We call these businesses Angels. Our Angels are coffee shops, bike rental shops, bars and even hotels. BAGBNB verifies all Angels to ensure the safety of your luggage.

On the BAGBNB platform, you will be redirected to the closest Angels in your area, or the area of your choice. Furthermore, you can also explore what services your chosen Angel offers that may interest you - Bike rentals, Ticket printing, Lunch?



Book your storage online Book your storage online

Our simple booking process enables you to select your Angel and securely pay for your luggage storage with credit card or PayPal.

Once the booking is completed, you will receive a full summary of your booking including the details of your chosen Angel.



The Angel will keep your luggage Leave your luggage at the Angel’s

All you have to do next is arrive at your Angel’s location and there you can leave your luggage with ease. Once there, you will be asked to sign a deposit statement document.




Take back your luggage Check out

When picking up your luggage, arrive by the check-out time you specified when booking, at your Angel. Don’t worry - if there is a change in your itinerary, simply contact your Angel to communicate your check-out time change.

Please let us know your experience using BAGBNB. We are always happy to hear from you.